Place in Summer – Romaplatz

In summer we meet at the Lagerwiese Romaplatz also called „Dragonerhäufl“, directly at the Alte Donau.

Its a free beach. You can swimm in the Alte Donau without a fee.

There are toiletboxes, there are a few restaurants nearby, but most of us stay at the place and take all the things we need for the hole day with us in the morning.


How to get there:

Nearest underground-station is U6 Neue Donau – by foot about 5-10 minutes. Follow Arbeiterstrandbadstrasse, move left into Birnersteig, first it is a way for cars then it gets smaler – on the right hand, there is a parking area (Romaplatz), on the left hand a playground. From here you can reach the meadow-beach on the right, were we meet

We always meet next to a tree in the back of the beach-area near the Sausage-Selling-Box (Würstelstand), that has its place in the middle of the parking area.

You can also get there with U1 – Alte Donau – but then you have to take the bus 20B to Friedstraße oder Melchiargasse; by feet,  I think, its takes 20 minutes walk along the Arbeiterstrandbadstraße till Birnersteig. enter Romaplatz!

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